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Home Page >  Lakeland Terrier Breeders Page

Lakeland Terrier Breeders

Image: Lakeland Terrier Pups
Looking for a Lakeland Terrier Puppy?

There is considerable demand for healthy, well-bred puppies from reputable breeders so be prepared to have to wait and/or travel to get one. Prices may vary slightly across the country and between breeders but expect to pay a similar price to other terriers of this type currently (March 2014) about £800. The breed club secretaries will usually know of puppies and youngsters that might be available.

Breeders are expected to adhere to the Club's code of ethics.

Breeders listed below are members of the Lakeland Terrier Club
who supported the 2014-2015 Yearbook with an advertisement:

Valérie Maucert
Kennel name-
“Absolute Dolce Vita”

St Luc, France
Tel & Fax 06._80.88.50.74
Email: valerie.maucert@

Valentino & Gianpaolo Vignola. Kennel name-
“del Benaco”

del Garda (BS), Italy
Tel & Fax +39_0309119551
Email: info@

Liz & Rab Anderson,
Kennel name-

Perthshire, UK

Tel 0188_ 2632272
Joe & Helen Ashe
Kennel name-

West Midlands, UK

Tel 0121_ 3554562
Mike & Joanne Vickers Kennel name -

Lancashire, UK
Tel 01282_ 543988
Email: eskwyre@,

Maria Sacco
Kennel name -
“Greycottage Terriers”

Connecticut, USA
Tel 860_.294.2100
Email: maria@

Rita Hayes
Kennel name -
“Hollylake, ”

Western Australia
Tel 0089 8903838
Email: lakelands1@

Natalya Samodurova & Tatiana Poluboyarceva
Kennel name -
“Lake City”
Ekaterinburg, Russia
Tel +79086339871
Heidrun Friesleben
Kennel name -
“Lady Windermere”

Vienna, Austria

Tel 004_36763055

Deb Ryan
Kennel name -

Staffs. UK.

Tel 0781_8903838

Wendy Johnston
Kennel name -

Cumbria, UK

Tel 01931_ 715352
Email: whitefoldwendy

Chris Kerrigan & Pete Leadbeater. Kennel name -

Merseyside, UK
Tel 0151_ 2089193
Email: chris.leadstaffs@

Alan & Angela Johnston
Kennel name -

Cumbria, UK

Tel 01946_ 820150
Email: curghyll01@

Hollie Evans
Kennel name -

Somerset, UK

Tel 0745_ 4376994
Email: hollieevans1985@

Elaine Baldwin
Kennel name -

Yorkshire, UK

Tel 01302_ 742095

Janette Callon &
Lisa Callon-Winn
Kennel name -
Lancashire, UK

Tel 01524_ 35493
Email: russtamterriers@

John Averis
Kennel name -
Staffs. UK.

Tel - 01889_ 563380
Email: johnaveris

Nick & Sonia Connell
Kennel name -
Lancs. UK

Tel - 01704 _ 227418
Email: sonorraterriers

Margaret Whitehead
Kennel name -
Lincs, UK

Tel - 01778_ 395211
Email: mwhitehead93

Berit & Bert-Inge Axelsson
Kennel name -
Tel 0411_532150
Email: berit.axelsson@

Rony & Dieny de Munter
Kennel name -
“Van Foliny Home”

Dendermonde, Belgium

Tel 003_252203519
Email: folinyterriers@

Petra Delventhal
Kennel name -
“Von der Nachtweide”

Erpolzheim, Germany

Tel 004963_ 531588
Email: PetraDelventhal@

Janine Veillet
Kennel name -

Paris, France

Tel -

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